Crime Watch

CRIME PREVENTION -- Everyone's Responsibility

Tired of Crime? Is protecting your family, home, and community important? Then get involved and join the neighborhood crime watch. Get to know your neighbors, and talk to them often. Together we can make a difference. Your involvement is needed if we are to succeed in making Cherry Lake a better place to live. Concerned residents and a strong police department help to make a safe neighborhood. Anita Jones is our chairman for the Cherry Lake Neighborhood Crime Watch Committee. If you would like to volunteer as a block captain on your street please contact Anita.

Suggestions for Community Crime Watch Members:

  • Watch out for all unknown vehicles, not just vans and trucks. Passenger cars, expensive, and inexpensive are also used by thieves. Be prepared with the license number of the car. Write down a general description of the car.
  • Tell your neighbors when you are having work done, or when you are going to be away from home, even for a short trip. Become familiar with your neighbors cars. Any cars that you do not recognize should be considered suspect.
  • Report suspicious vehicles to your Block Captains, do not call law enforcement unless you are reporting an actual crime, or threatening situation.
  • Do not give out any information about your home or family over the phone.
  • Do not advertise that you are living alone.
  • Do not open your doors to strangers. Demand proper identification.
  • Burglars know all the hiding places. Do not leave, or hide house keys outside of your house, or give keys to a repairman.
  • Install double cylinder dead bolt locks. Sliding glass doors should always be secured with a pin-type locking device or a "charlie bar."
  • Keep garage doors closed and locked. Lock up any tools that can be used for entering your home.
  • When you leave, make your home look occupied.
  • A barking dog is one of the most effective burglar alarms.
  • Get Involved.