Lake Association

Cherry Lake’s “Lake” is comprised of 3.218 acres, which is owned and controlled by the 29 homeowners whose lots abut the Lake. Which is depicted upon the plat of Cherry Lake, Section 4 a Maintenance Easement Access (M.E.A.), which shall constitute a means of lake access and rights of use by the owners of Lots abutting Cherry Lake. These 29 homeowners are responsible for the maintenance easement for any repair, water treatment or other services needed to assure continuous and adequate maintenance of said Lake.

In addition, to being covered by the Cherry Lake Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions and By Laws, they also have their own Lake Covenants specific to Lake ownership. These Lake Homeowners also pay additional dues to cover the cost of maintaining the Lake.

The Homeowners of the “Lake” want all to know that the “LAKE” is PRIVATE PROPERTY.

To FISH, SWIM or BOAT on the LAKE is illegal and is considered TRESPASSING. If you do such activities without permission from the homeowners you will be ARRESTED and PROSECUTED.

The LAKE Homeowners would appreciate your respecting their property and also instructing your children to do the same.

Please direct your questions about the Lake to the President of the Lake Association, Bill Robbins. Questions about general Cherry Lake business (including requests for dues statements) should be directed to the main association at 317-616-0023.